Every patient has some issue at some point with the health care system. There isn’t any situation where you are sick or injured where you’re going to feel completely in tune with the staff, but according to one patient, there is a way to help them to feel better about being in the hospital and interacting with medical professionals.

Most patients say that they just want someone to seriously connect with them, not pretend to do so because they want to meet those customer satisfaction criteria. They want to feel they are not judged but are being heard.

Tips from one patient include these:

Make Eye Contact With Your Patients

There is a lot to do as a nurse. There are treatments, charting, phone calls and other things to be taken care of on a regular basis. Every client knows they are not your only patient, but they do want to feel heard, not shuffled off as quickly as possible. Look your patient in the eye, listen and actually hear what they are saying to you. Most patients say they would rather have a 3 minute conversation that is actually authentic and reasonable than one conversation that is patently fake because the nurse in question is trying to be sure that he or she asked all of the questions that will be covered on the patient satisfaction survey later.

Treat your patients with respect and pay attention to what they have to say.

Remember Why You Wanted to be a Nurse.

What are you doing here? Do you actively want to help people to be healthier? In most cases that’s why you wanted to become a nurse. Eye contact and a fast conversation may not seem like the treatment of the century, but it can be just as important to your patient as the treatment that you offer.

Once the nurse sees how important it is to offer dignity and consideration to their patients it helps them to reconnect to their reasons for becoming a nurse. Ostensibly you wanted to help others when you became a nurse. In some cases, that is nothing more than hearing their concerns.

Nurses care. The bottom line is that most went into the profession because they care. Once they see what a little conversation and a little concern can do and how much it helps someone to be heard, the little things and the schedule problems and the endless paperwork are still a problem, but they don’t seem quite as overwhelming. What that means is that in helping your patients, you are helping yourself too.

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