Are you Helping Hurting ER ImageWhat Can We Do to Change the Issues Causing Nurses to Avoid Emergency Room Nursing and at the Same Time to Improve Patient Satisfaction in the ER?

Patient satisfaction is directly related to the safety and quality of care that they receive in the Emergency Room. In short, their satisfaction goes hand in hand with the satisfaction of the emergency room staff who cares for them.

How can we ensure the engagement and retention of the nursing staff that attends to patients in the emergency department? What steps are recommended to ensure the nursing staff in the hospital environment has reasonable job satisfaction?

According to nursing leadership and to nurse recruiters, a few of the strategies that can be undertaken to ensure a better job satisfaction and higher retention rate include these:

Cultivate technology in the ER and make it workable for everyone by means of training and gradual implementation in order to help to take up some of the weight that is now being assumed by the nursing staff.

Develop and cultivate the kind of emergency room culture that will recognize the skills and expertise of the nursing staff in the ER and will promote open communication and collaboration between departments and disciplines.

Provide for adequate and appropriate levels of nursing care and staffing in the ER in order to promote safe and quality care for the patients.

Apply uniform incentive programs across the board that recognize and support all of the professional accomplishments being made by the ER nursing staff.  Support for nursing staff should be available when it is needed. It it not uncommon that paid time off is no longer available for nursing managers, directors and nurse leaders.  That oversight needs to be corrected.

It is necessary that we recognize and reward the contributions that our nursing staff makes to the emergency department in order to improve and increase their satisfaction with their jobs in emergency nursing. Having done so, morale will typically improve as well and nurse retention will improve too.

These are a few things that will help to support and to improve the overall atmosphere in the emergency department, helping to improve patient satisfaction with the emergency department experience.

Mitch Robbins is an expert as it relates to Interim and Direct Hire Nursing Leadership Recruitment for hospitals and clinics, helping organizations build best in class clinical leadership teams in the USA.

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