Part 1: Why Trust is Important

Trust is imperative in an employee/manager relationship. It is the foundation upon which the relationship is built. That is true of an employer/employee relationship or any other type, be it business or personal. That is what makes it so surprising how frequently trust is missing in the employer and employee relationship.

According to many employees, hospitals have over the years let employees down. The trust was eroded slowly and has not been rebuilt. Most hospitals, large and small, have been working to rebuild their relationships and to bring in the kind of management that can be trusted. Particularly in healthcare, employer trust is something that must be present.

Nursing leaders and staff need to be able to work as a cohesive unit and to fully trust each other in order to adequately care for those in their charge–namely their patients. Working out a plan of care means that everyone must be part of a team. Patients, families, doctors, nurses, and nurse supervisors must work as a unit to arrive at the best plan of care for the patient.

When there is a lack of trust, that plan of care is lacking too. It is difficult to work with someone whom you have no real faith or trust and more, it’s harder to be fully “into” the job that you’re trying to do. Most people who do not trust their employer report that they do not feel fully satisfied or engaged in their jobs. They also report that they would readily entertain thoughts of a new job if one were offered where they felt they could trust their supervisors.

The most recent Gallup workforce polls show that the disengaged employees in the US are at about 70 percent. Those who do not feel that there is a broad measure of trust in the workplace or who do not trust their employers stand at about 60 percent. That’s a number that is assuredly unacceptable if we are going to give our best to our clients.

What engenders trust and how do you keep it? Most of us know the common sense answers from our own relationships. We know what it takes to earn our trust and we know how quickly it can be lost, but is that the same in the workplace?

Are organizations able to earn our trust as quickly as the people with whom we interact? What causes us to be suspicious of larger organizations and the supervisory staff who work there?

Overall, why is trust lacking in the hospital workplace and how can we change that? Is there a way that we can boost our trust and our credibility to allow us to more fully engage, and to retain the best and brightest of our healthcare talent?

Stay tuned for the second part of this series where we examine reasons for lack of trust.

Mitch Robbins is an expert as it relates to Interim and Permanent Nursing Leadership Recruitment for hospitals and clinics, helping organizations build best in class clinical leadership teams in the USA.

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