The development 0f pharmaceutical drugs and biotechnology have a 99 percent fail rate.  This, along  with the years it takes to develop a said drug, the millions of dollars, and the numerous clinical trials may make you think twice about a job in this particular industry. If not, read about how to overcome  challenges in regulatory affairs.

 professional career Biotech and Pharmaceutical industryThe risk of the pharmaceutical industry

Not many realize that so many factors go into the development of pharmaceutical drugs that you or a loved one will take when needed.  If you are a person who enjoys high risk and is able to leverage failures for future opportunities, then this could be a great industry for you to pursue. If these things don’t sound appealing to you maybe something a little less risky such as a science professor, a pharmacist, or even a doctor would be a better fit. Just remember, your job is usually your primary source of income and livelihood.

The security of a professional network
networking in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry

To ensure that you are most up to date in your career–in knowledge and protocol–take a few days every quarter, creating and nurturing your professional network . By doing this, you will have someone to call on when you need a second opinion, someone to help with an idea and even someone to lean on when challenges arise.  You will connect with people who can even further your career.

further your professional career by networking in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry.

By having your professional network, not only will it give you the support you may need at your current job; but these connections will probably present new opportunities with other companies. Take the time to invest in  your professional network – it will be one of the best decisions you make.

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