interview homework processMore and more companies are asking candidates to complete an assignment of some sort as part of their interview process. Assignments are not a new part of the interview process. This practice is becoming increasingly common. Candidates aren’t always thrilled when asked to complete an assignment.  They can be stressful experiences. These exercises often require a few hours of free time to complete, and, if the assignment is incorporated into an on-site interview you can feel like you are on the spot. But if you do well with it and it can earn you a top candidate status. The Anthony Michael Group wants to prepare you if an assignment is part of your interview process. Here are some things you can do to excel:

 interview homework processDon’t be afraid to ask

At the outset of the interview process, ask your recruiter if an assignment is part of the interview process. If so, find out when in the process it occurs? Is it something you can complete off-site or does it have to be completed during the interview? This will eliminate the surprise factor, ease your mind and help you plan accordingly.

Get as many details as you caninterview homework process

Find out as much as you can about the details of the assignment. How much time will you have to complete the assignment? Will the hiring manager make herself available for questions you may have?  Will it be given on a laptop where you are left alone for a period of time, or will someone be present? Getting some details could help you start preparing ahead of time so you can do well with the assignment and complete it in a timely manner. If it is possible, make sure you have someone review it before you turn it in to check for typos

It is never a bad idea to check with your recruiter to see if anyone has interviewed with this company before. If so you can ask them for any insights on the assignment.  Trust The Anthony Micheal Group when it comes to your career.  Check out our website for current opportunities.

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