You have been invited to interview for an opportunity in Regulatory Affairs. You have all the requirements for the job, but so do all the other candidates the hiring manager will be interviewing. You need to make an impression that leaves no doubt that you are the best candidate for the job. The Anthony Michael Group wants to walk you through the most common job interview mistakes and our tips for avoiding them.

Interview tipsResearch the Company

One of the first questions an interviewer will ask is “What do you know about them and why are you interested in this company?”  It is one of the easiest issues to prepare for and you can easily turn it into an excellent opportunity. Stumbling through answering this question is an awful way to start an interview and a terrible first impression to have to try to overcome. Being prepared shows your level of interest in this particular role and it soon sorts out the people who want a job from the ones that want this job. The Anthony Michael Group recommends, at the minimum, reading up on the ‘About Us’ section and looking up the company on social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) Try typing their name into a search engine to see if there’s anything current you should know about.

Don’t talk too muchInterview tips

Being clear and concise with your words are imperative during your interview because it shows how you will be in the job that you are interviewing for.  You have no time to use your words aimlessly or dangle with a thought.  Have the confidence that you are best for the job, listen to each question precisely, and take into account your answer before responding.  If you need to, take a breath, instead of making the mistake of using unnecessary words, or misunderstanding the question.


Interview tips

advance in your career

Don’t arrive late

Arriving late is not only a bad idea but can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get the job.  It is the first impression of what you will be like if you get the job. Arriving on time will show that you want the job and have appreciation for the company that you are applying for. Arriving 15 minutes early will also help you calm your own nerves.

These are just a few tips to consider when interviewing. Let our recruitment experts help you advance your career in Regulatory Affairs.

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