You’ve prepared for the interview.  You have chosen the perfect outfit.  You have researched the company and prepared for the interview.  And you get the call–“We would like to offer you the position.”  Now is the time to start exploring and learning, what your new position will look like with your new company.  You want to put your best foot forward and make this job count!

Successful first day at Regulatory Affairs job

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What is the dress code?

Some companies are okay with jeans on the job, while other companies expect professional attire every day.  It is important that you ask your new employer or recruiter, what attire you should choose.  The human resource department or office manager is a good place to start.

How long will the commute take?

Whether you decide to take the light rail, the bus, or drive yourself, it is important to determine how long it will take to get to your new position.  Take into consideration the weather outside, the time of day, and rush hour. It is best advice to to take a trial run before you start, to ensure that you are on time and make a good impression on your first day.

What can I expect from reviews and evaluations?Successful first day at Regulatory Affairs job

It is common that whatever company you choose to work for will have a review process and evaluation.  Don’t let these words scare you! They are put in place to help you grow in your position. The Human Resource department is again a good place to start finding out about what your company practices. This way, when that 3 month review comes up, you won’t be caught off guard. Generally these reviews and evaluations are taken from your job description, so make sure you are up to date of what they expect, and ask questions if necessary.

Being the new kid on the block always presents challenges and rewards.  Be aware of what they are and grow from them.

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