Nursing Leadership in the Intensive Care Unit–Does it Improve Job Satisfaction?

The healthcare industry has been insistent upon active nursing leadership. To meet the demand for good healthcare and nursing leaders, it is necessary that we understand the relationship between good leadership and good healthcare.

This is a part of what makes nursing leadership so imperative in the ICU area. The ICU is where the most severe cases are seen. That means that the ICU is also where nurses must provide the most intensive and the most complex care for their patients. Staffing with the best and brightest helps the patients in intensive care to achieve the best possible outcome.

Recent studies have shown us that in the ICU setting, nursing staff must be able to lead their subordinates to the best possible scenario for the patient which means that nursing leadership skills are imperative in an ICU setting.

So far there have been a total of 24 studies undertaken that examine nursing satisfaction and positive outcomes as they relate to nursing leadership in the intensive care unit. One of the best and most definitive showed ICU leadership styles and specifically focused on the Intensive care unit, which had not previously been done. The results showed that ICU patients have a better outcome and nursing satisfaction is improved in the intensive care unit when good nursing leadership in ICU is used.

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