In healthcare, nurses are faced with staffing issues that can cause healthcare to come to a halt. Just as doctors are essential for the care of patients, nurses are also critical.Along the way to recruiting and hiring nursing staff, you as a nursing leader know that there are real challenges that are constantly being faced.

Lower Budgets for Nursing Staff

While the cost of healthcare increases, budgets for departments are constantly shrinking. This means healthcare professionals need to take a close look at their budgets for nursing staff. In order to ensure that the best performing individuals are placed in these positions, there is a need to have a budget that allows you to hire quality providers. At the same time, you also need to take into account the number of nurses you need to provide adequate patient care based on the number of beds, or average number of patients you see.

Addressing Nurse Burn Out

Realistically, people will burn out in any position they have. Some people have a higher tolerance than others. But your facility needs to understand this is a real concern. One way to reduce turnover and burn out is to ensure that staff is provided with enough time off to recharge and step away from the situation at hand. One of the worst things you can do is drive people nonstop for weeks on end without a break as this leads to their breakdown.

Recruit People for the In Between

A good way to introduce people into the environment is to have a position that is filled with a part time person. This is an individual who comes in a few days each week to ensure everyone has their time off and knows it is covered. As you become more comfortable with this person, you can explore expanding their role. This is an ideal way to obtain young nurses who are just breaking in and make sure they can handle the stress of the job before you extend a full time position to them. After all, if they struggle and realize this isn’t the pace they want to go early on in a part time setting, it is easier to find a replacement for a few hours compared to a full time employee.

Keep Up with Education and Innovation to Make People Want to Work For You

The continued education and technology innovation your staff encounters will have an affect on their desire to stay. When your medical facility becomes known for being cutting edge with technology and promoting the knowledge and skills of your nursing staff, you’ll have more people apply for open positions with you. At the same time, nurses who are there will take that into consideration when they are reviewing all their future employment options as this has the potential to help them more later on in their careers than a couple hundred dollars more on a paycheck in the present.

Positivity Can Go A Long Way

Negative and unfriendly environments will rub off on your staff. When you want to safeguard the staff from these experiences, having a positive environment is a smart choice. You can give a reward for doing a good job and even note that these individuals are going above and beyond for their patients. Recognition is invaluable and the positive environment will keep everyone interested in working together and providing the best care possible.

If you do have negative employees who are taking their agitation out on your nursing staff, you can turn it into a positive experience. Sit down with the group and talk things out, letting them know that if continued negativity is noted, you’ll have to address the situation with greater action.

Yes, there are always staffing challenges we face in the real world. But when you take a positive approach and attempt to improve the experience of your nursing staff, you reduce turnover and improve the retention rate. You may even find that you don’t have to worry about hiring anyone for quite some time, thanks to the positive approach you’ve taken.

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