Unless you have suffered from a migraine, you don’t now how excruciating the pain is people experience. Symptoms from a migraine can range from nausea to light and sound sensitivity, and is generally felt on one side of the head.  The FDA has recently approved  Onzetra Xsail which is a nasal powder that aides in the treatment of migraines.

Onzetra Xsail has made an easy to use device that administers a pre-measured dose into each nostril. Only patients who have been diagnosed with migraines should use Onzetra Xsail, and it should only be used once the symptoms of a migraine occur.

Before using any drug, it is important to look at all the possible side effects that any drug can cause, and then make the best possible decision.  For more information about Onzetra Xsail, and it’s possible side effects, click here.

Onzetra Xsail gets FDA approval

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