It goes without saying that a successful employee(nurse)/employer relationship requires trust. Then and only then does the team become an actual team. Trust is the critical link that connects employees and management in any workplace environment.

Sadly, given the big issues taking place in the workplace, the vast and dynamic changes happening in healthcare, the many layoffs and employee displacements, most workplaces have taken a real hit in the “trust department”.

Most employees believe that they need to be able to put more trust in their co-workers, their management team and in the technology that they use day to day. Their problem is that they aren’t sure how to accomplish that or even if it’s a good idea.

How Do You Build Trust?

  • Trust begins at the top. Just as with any other aspect of the workplace, trust must be given to be received. It’s one of the hardest things that an employer or a manager will ever do, but also the most important when it comes to gaining the trust of their employees.
  • Trust your Employees and Co-Workers. There is credible research going back to the workplace in the mid-1960s that proves that trusting employees and allowing them to “own” their work is a way to ensure trust. Allowing them to problem solve in search of solutions gives them higher job satisfaction. Trusting and delegating to our employees gives them meaning, and it has additional perks. It allows you to lower your own workload.
  • Getting caught up in micromanagement gives your employees little reason to trust you and in short, they won’t. An employee who doesn’t trust you and doesn’t trust the remainder of the team is about a tenth as productive. That means you have an unhappy workplace where very little gets accomplished.
  • Learn to let go. Observe and verify if you must, but let go of the reins and give your employees ownership of what they do.
  • Take time to get to know your employees and co-workers and offer them the opportunity to get to know each other too. Encourage discussion, round table talks. Encourage visits outside the workplace, going for a meal or a drink once in a while.
  •  Engage, where possible, in team building exercises and invite speakers to do team building and trust building.
  •  Mean what you say and say what you mean. Give your employees every reason in the world to trust you and as few as possible to not trust you. Despite the need to cut jobs and cut pay, be up front about it. Putting a spin on things is something that your employees are going to see through. Don’t practice that kind of behavior.

According to the experts, the best way to get started is to start by talking about your vision and your expectations for results. Consistently monitor your team’s goals, reward for progress, and encourage them to stretch for new heights. Examine why you don’t feel you are where you’d like to be trust-wise and then brainstorm ways to make it happen as a team. Trust doesn’t just happen, it takes work.

BUT…the effort is worth the result.

Mitch Robbins is an expert as it relates to Interim and Direct Hire Nursing Leadership Recruitment for hospitals and clinics, helping organizations build best in class clinical leadership teams in the USA.

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