The Life Sciences industry, which includes the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medial Device organizations, are in high demand for regulatory affairs specialists. The Anthony Michael Group recognizes there is no “one size fits all” solution. Therefore, we tailor our search services to the specific need at hand. We identify, qualify, attract, and ultimately help clients land best in class leaders and support teams within the industries we serve.

 demand for Regulatory Affairs professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agenciesWhat are the Responsibilities of Regulatory Affairs Professionals?

The main responsibility of a regulatory affair specialist is to ensure that companies are following the regulatory standards for producing safe products. They are key to ensuring that medical devices and prescription drugs are safe and effective. Often these professionals work for corporate regulatory departments and government organizations.

 demand for Regulatory Affairs professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies

Education and background

Although regulatory professionals come from all types of backgrounds,  the majority have a bachelor’s degree, and over 50% have an advanced degree typically in the technical or scientific field. The typical regulatory professional also has experience in other careers before moving into regulatory affairs. Negotiation and communication, organization and project management, and the ability to learn from the experience of others are all valuable skills for this industry.

One of the key assets for this field is experience. Although there are some university degrees and graduate certificate programs for regulatory affairs, hands-on experience in the industry can give you the edge you need to land a job as it often proves more valuable than the degree itself.

Another important aspect is continuing education. It is critical for the regulatory professional to be kept up to date with regulatory policies and procedures. They also must stay up to date on the scientific and technical background of healthcare products. To read about additional core competencies click here.

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