1. Make sure to include all pertinent contact info (full name, phone number, email address) so that prospective employers can reach you with ease
  2. If utilizing a summary at the top make sure to keep it concise including the primary components (years of experience, work ethic characteristics, brief overview of accomplishments and future career aspirations)
  3. Utilize bullet form vs. paragraph form when describing experience
  4. A general rule of thumb is to provide the last ten years of experience starting with your most recent at the top.
  5. Outlining scope of experience in each position that you held is ok, outlining your accomplishments is great! The more you can outline where you helped your organization make money, save money, or improve a process will help you stand out from the crowd. (e.g. successfully met “go live” project date by under 10 days and under budget by $100,000)
  6. Make sure to list all certifications you currently hold
  7. Note your education, and dates of degree completion
Benefits of using a biotech recruiter