Does your job description convey that you serious about top talent and attracting the best performers to your firm?  A great majority of job descriptions that we see are checklists of responsibilities and requirements that say nothing about the real role. Writing a job description is an important part of identifying and selling a specific role to a talented group. The Anthony Michael Group wants to share our top 3 rules for writing an impactful job description that will attract more A-players to your applicant pool:

Mediocre job descriptions attract mediocre candidates writing a Regulatory Affairs job description

Most top talents are passive job seekers This means they are open to hearing about a great opportunity but aren’t really looking for a new job.  Why should they become actively engaged in the application process if your job description doesn’t really stand out and grab their attention? You need to show them why this role is a better career opportunity and move them into action to apply for your opening.

Lure them in with the clarity of major opportunities and challenges  writing an attention-grabbing Regulatory Affairs job description

Top talent wants to be challenged and take on exciting projects or interesting opportunities. Define the major projects and results that this hire will be undertaking during in their first 12-24 months. Think about how to express these elements in the description. The Anthony Michael Group recommends integrating these into a job summary section.  This should sit at the top of the job description in order to capitalize on selling a distinguished candidate right from the beginning.

Identify and highlight the specific behavioral skills necessary for top performancewriting an attention-grabbing Regulatory Affairs job description

Behavior is the key discernment between average and top performance in any given role. Defining the critical behavioral skills for success in a given role and specific corporate environment will help you hone in on key factors, outside of narrow technical requirements, to help you identify and select top performers.

In addition to writing an effective job description, be sure to integrate these ideas into the interview process as well. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs.  We are the experts in Regulatory Affairs recruitment.

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