Our Search Process

With optimal amount of speed and attention to detail, we deliver quality results

Our search process combines the optimal amount of speed and attention to detail necessary to make sure we deliver results in a timely fashion while not cutting corners that end up costing all parties involved more in the long run.

While each search is customized to the specific set of circumstances/nuances our clients face, below is an outline of the steps within our search process.

  • Search Assignment Intake-Determine specific client needs
  • Development of mutually agreed upon recruitment plan and best approach to presenting opportunity to the market place
  • Define mutually agreed upon search terms
  • Research phase to identify correct candidate targets
  • Initiate multi-faceted recruitment approach to include, but not limited to, targeted phone calls to specific individuals within our network, social media and email campaigns, referrals, and cold calls
  • In-depth candidate screening process (qualifications, education, previous accomplishments)
  • Presentation of selected candidates
  • Interview preparation, candidate and client
  • Interview Debrief, candidate and client
  • In-depth, confidential reference checks
  • Final interview preparation, candidate and client
  • Final interview debrief, candidate and client
  • Pre-work prior to making offer, including counter-offer education
  • Offer delivery and acceptance
  • Transition assistance (relocation, onboarding, etc.)
  • Candidate and client follow up after onboarding to discuss progress of transition and future opportunities for service improvement