A question that most people often ask when seeking a job in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology field is whether they should submit their resume to a specialized recruiter or send it directly to each company´s website they are applying for.

At The Anthony Michael Group, we consider it is more beneficial for suitors with such a high technical background, to submit their resume through a firm that is well trained in recruiting for these areas. This provides candidates with a better opportunity for landing a good position Here are a few reasons why this is the best option:

Benefits of using a biotech recruiterDon’t burn your bridges!

Many candidates might consider it a smart move to submit their resume to both the company’s website and a specialized recruiter firm. By doing this, they believe they are doubling the probability of having their resume seen. But this is not only unethical and dishonest; it will quickly detonate.

So, when the recruiter sends the resume to the same company, he will be advised that it has already been submitted through their website. Which not only ruins your relationship and credibility with the recruiter but also makes you seem desperate, reflecting poorly on you and placing you in a vulnerable position in front of your potential employer.

Don’t get lost in the pileBenefits of biotech recruiter

When someone has been without a job for a long time, they tend to send resumes in bulk, expecting this will increase their chances of being called for an interview. But many times, they don’t even qualify for the job they are applying for. You must consider this when choosing the vehicle you will utilize to send your resume. Because if you don’t choose wisely, your CV can get lost within the massive number of resumes a company’s website receives for any position listed. However when you decide to go with a specialized recruiter who is trained to recognize resumes that have the proper background, there is a smaller chance of you CV being lost in the pile.

Benefits of biotech recruiterRelationships with hiring managers

Another great reason to use a recruiting firm is that you can gain better access to the hiring manager. Most companies have an HR department sorting through the online submitted resumes, and this can take a while. But a good headhunter is usually working directly with the hiring manager, and if he considers a candidate a solid match, the resume will be emailed directly to him.

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