Mentally toughThe ROI an Interim Leader Can Provide Your Hospital

An empty leadership position in the hospital can cost you more than you realize. In the time there is an empty position, you don’t have anyone making important decisions. When you have an interim leader in place, they are taking the time to ensure that projects are on time and that decisions are made impartially, and with the best interests of the hospital on their mind. Usually, these individuals are overqualified for the positions they fill, so you are receiving expert advice, at a fraction of the price, without there being any kind of agenda in place.

In a cost breakdown with their expertise, it is estimated that the average interim leader will provide you with between $12 and $25 for every dollar you spend. These are individuals that are also filling an urgent gap, so you can take your time to hire a full time replacement for the open position, and they have industry experience, so you can count on them to make decisions and handle the things you need taken care of. Unlike an employee filling a position, these individuals are placed in the temporary position with their skills already known and zero interest in office politics and other time wasters. They understand the value you need from them, and they ensure you have the best return on investment possible.

Remember, these are individuals who are impartial and are willing to give you their advice from real experience in the industry. There is no dollar amount you can place on this, and their candor can help you down the road if you are considering what they view a bad investment. After all, they don’t have any benefit from sitting down with you and telling you what you want to hear. Their only goal is to ensure that your experience with them drives you to recommend them to others in the future.

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