There is a good chance that the first thing you attempt when seeking out background information for an organization you have a job interview with is searching for them in Google. While the information you find by typing your perspective employer’s name in Google can be helpful and give you a general picture of the company, any reviews you come across should be approached with caution. Negative reviews do not mean you should pass up an interview with the firmThe Anthony Michael Group suggests you be sure to keep a few factors in mind if you encounter poor reviews:

Researching Regulator Affairs opportunities How long did the reviewer work at the company?

It is important to consider the length of employment. If the person was employed less than six months then it is possible that the person was frustrated due to a rough transition period that they were not able to work through. The adjustment period for a new role can often take up to six months, and learning the ins and outs of a new company can be challenging. A short employment period can be an indication that they left due to transition frustrations. And unfortunately, the harshest reviews are typically written by resentful former employees and may not be giving you the whole story.

Look back at older reviewsReseaching regulatory affairs company

When reading through reviews it is important to keep in mind the transitional history that companies often experience. A lot can change in just a few months. If you are only looking at a particular period of reviews you may not be getting a full picture. New management could have taken over and made changes that didn’t go over well, a merger or acquisition could have occurred, along with many other things.

It is very likely that your prospective employer has had at least one employee leave on bad terms. Our suggestion is that you don’t disregard that potential work place based on one or two people’s bad experiences. Take the time to research the full picture, and if you are still concerned address it in your interview.

The Anthony Michael Group recommends you don’t let a few negative reviews prevent you from pursuing a role at a company. You will get different perspectives, but not the whole picture. Meeting with employees and seeing a company’s office space will give you a much better sense as to whether a company and a position are the right next step in your career.


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