Outsourcing the recruitment process is not only a smart move for alleviating your task list, it also provides an excellent cost-benefit relationship. Each team needs to invest time efficiently, on critical tasks, while experienced headhunters look for the best candidates to match the opportunities your company offers.

Why should a company hire a headhunter or an independent recruiter?

1. Recruiters know how to attract the best candidates.

The success of any business depends upon two things, the quality of the product or service they offer, and the quality of their employees. Companies who understand this, do not hesitate when it comes to investing in the hiring process. They recognize that relying on a focused professional to do the work, will bring the best results possible.

2. Recruiters can most clearly define the job position.

Using an independent professional recruiter forces companies to better understand what they are looking for. It also gives them the opportunity to be coached on the realistic expectation of the position description, the availability of talent, and the cost of the talent they need.

3. Recruiters save your staff time and money.

Having senior managers and leaders out on Facebook and LinkedIn trying to find talent is not cost efficient. Their overhead rate per hour is far higher than the price for an independent recruiter. Hiring headhunters to take charge of the contracting process will free the leadership team to attend to much more important subjects. They can still get involved when necessary, for things like making the last interview for the top candidates, but the actual talent search should be done by a recruiter.

4. Recruiters know where to look for talent.

Many good candidates are “passive”  job seekers. Companies need headhunters with networks and resources to locate these people. Recruiters have tools, subscriptions, and a peer group in the field, that allow them to access greater information that will benefit the company in the quest for new talent and matching all available opportunities.

5. Recruiters are best suited for handling the candidates.

Being a good leader doesn’t necessarily mean that a manager knows how to execute a proper and successful interview. There are likely only a few candidates that fit well for each opportunity. Having an inexperienced manager handle these applicants, can potentially lead to a loss of talent. Headhunters deal with candidates for a living, and this expertise always pays off in the end.

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