We all know that our business works better when we function as a cohesive team, all working for the same common good. How can you build that team and where can you find good examples of team building?

When you consider nature, what animals do you see that are a great model for a team?  Do you think of lions, tigers, or bears? Probably not, as these animals are often known for their solitude and their inability to interact among themselves without arguments. That doesn’t make a great team, does it?

What about hyenas? They fight consistently to find the most dominant member of the pack and are known for slinking behind the others back. That doesn’t really promote trust, does it?

How about the lowly trout?

They struggle mightily in an endeavor to make it upstream in order to spawn. The only issue with that is that once they’ve done what they came for, they die. If all the leaders are gone that makes for a very weak team.

What about the bird groups? The Blue Footed Booby is known for being great nest builders and good parents. As team players, they too have a slight problem with their team skills. The younger members practice obligate siblicide so that only one survives to grow. That’s not exactly the best example of a good team either. Eagles, turkeys, finches, none of them are great team mates.

The best example of teams in nature are geese and ducks. These amazing creatures join as a full team and take turns leading the way. Their V formation is always in place and if one duck or goose tires, it moves to the back and another takes over the lead. In addition, when one is killed or unable to be there, the V is flown using a “missing man” formation.

Ducks and geese are very protective of each other and shield those who are tired or unable to fly as long as they are able to do so. They are, in every sense of the word, a true team.

When we behave as this type of team, what we can accomplish some amazing feats. When the team is greater than the sum of its parts, we can do things we never dreamed and expand our horizons greatly.

In business, when we share a common goal and a common sense of community, when we nurture and shield and guide other team members, we grow far more rapidly.

As a leader, it is your job to create the goals and the vision and to share those goals and vision with others in your group. As a team, we can offer encouragement and support and protection. When we do so, we boost the success of the team and the company, but also boost our own personal success as well.

What is the single biggest problem that most teams encounter that will sabotage their success?

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