The way people seek career opportunities has changed over the years. We are facing an era where information is available easier than ever before. Social networks like LinkedIn help many candidates find new companies and form lasting relationships with them. But even in the face of new technology and trends, there is a reality that can’t be denied, working with a recruiter or headhunter offers tangible benefits that provide significant advantages within the job market.

What are some of the main advantages of working with a trusted headhunter?

Marketplace knowledge

The best recruiters will have the latest insights into their field of expertise. They should know all about the available opportunities, where they are and how to access them. They hold relevant and necessary information about salary rates, career expectations, skill-sets, up to date hiring complexities and should provide alternative solutions to candidates when opportunities are hard to find.

Extended reach

Matching your skills with your dream job can be a hard thing to do. Matching good quality candidates with employment opportunities in Regulatory Affairs is no easy task. Recruiters have valuable networks that can leverage their possibility of connecting you to the right people. Therefore, even if you aren’t currently active, it is advisable to maintain a healthy relationship with a headhunter in your field. Don’t just look for them when you need them, rather invest in building a trusted relationship over time, so you will be on their mind when an attractive career opportunity comes up.

tips for writing a great CV


Candidates not applicants

A headhunter has the opportunity to turn what could be just another application into a real life story that tells way more than what a simple piece of paper could ever articulate. Reasons for career moves, reasons for relocations, why the candidate is interested in making a change now, why the candidate is interested in the specific target organization, etc.

By building a relationship with a trusted headhunter, you put him/her in a position to open doors for you with organizations who may by mistake pass over your “application”.

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