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Level-up your Manufacturing, Med-Tech, Life Sciences, or Renewables teams with 2 qualified candidates in 10 days, and our industry-leading 5-year guarantee, bypassing costly, time-intensive traditional recruitment methods.



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*Up To 5-year Guarantee On Qualifying Placements 


People hire people; not resumes, buzzwords, or acronyms. You invest your heart and soul into your company, and you need a smart team of top-performers to make your vision a reality.

Yet when you’re crushed under hard deadlines, budget constraints, and an understaffed team, hiring a team whose talent and expertise match your vision isn’t just a challenge.

It's almost impossible.

That’s where The Anthony Michael Group comes in.

We understand talent not as a collection of acronyms on an overly-long resume, and we recognize your opportunity not as a laundry list of technical requirements.

We’re match-makers, pairing talented people with visionary leaders and high-growth companies that can do far more together than separately.

This is where the magic happens:


Talented professionals want to grow their skills, expand their capacity, and reach for the stars. They don't just want to push their limits; they want to shatter them and never look back.


Visionary leaders are the tip of the spear in your organization's success. But what separates the good from the great is servant leadership: helping their talent grow and expand their capacity.


Growth companies do more than just 'grow.' They're mission-driven, whether it's curing disease, delivering green energy, or simply making people's lives easier.


Our practice areas span key sectors of innovation and growth. With a focus on  recruitment in Med-Tech/Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Renewables, we connect exceptional talent with the forefront of industry transformation.


Connecting top talent with Med-Tech & Biotech innovators, shaping future healthcare with advanced medical technology solutions.


Connecting professionals with Manufacturing leaders, driving breakthroughs in innovation, automation, and the overall Industry 4.0 revolution.


Bridging expert talent with Renewable Energy sectors, powering sustainable, innovative energy solutions for the future.


  • "I had the pleasure of working with Mitch and his team on filing a very unique RA Director role. We had been looking for the right candidate for months with no success. While I was not completely sold on using recruiters, Mitch listened to my needs asked me probing questions to better understand the challenges I have had in the search and developed a description of unique skills I required for the position. After speaking with him, I was confident he would find the right person. I have worked with a lot of recruiters throughout my career and I can honestly say Mitch and his team are one of the best I have used. "
    Melanie Leibowitz: VP Reg Affairs / Quality | Happify
  • "I met Mitch Robbins at a busy time in my life and when I was not really actively pursuing opportunities. Mitch truly worked to understand what was important to me and why I was interested in new opportunities to best connect me with my current role and employer. He is very passionate with the level of service he provides and exceeded all my expectations. The true measure of value was Mitch’s ability to remove the stress though the process. His insight, expertise, and communication in the areas that he works really simplified the overall process and provided me confidence in his abilities. Mitch has gone above and beyond for me, and I can't thank him enough."
    Joffre Alvarez: Director of Engineering | Bionik Laboratories
  • "Mitch was very helpful in finding the right candidate to fill my Sr. RA Specialist position. This position was open for at least 9 months until he connected with me and we talked a couple of times about my ideal candidate. I knew from our first conversation that he was a different type of recruiter. He was very diligent with his search and understood exactly what I was looking for. Right away, he found me my new hire and was on top of all the scheduling and making sure the candidate made it to her first day! He was by far one of the best recruiter I’ve worked with—I admire his drive, passion and his willingness to really help me. I’m glad to have connected and looking forward to working more with Mitch!"
    Cresencia Ilagan DeCasas: Director of Regulatory Affairs | BioTelemetry
  • "Mitch Robbins was a pleasure to work with. He kept in close communication along the entire interview process. He coordinated scheduling and followed up immediately with next steps. Mitch is very professional and personable. He has a great knack for matching great employers with the right candidates. I would definitely recommend him to my colleagues."
    Sabrina Goldman: VP Customer Support | Tidepool

Why Choose AMG?

Choose AMG for unparalleled expertise in talent acquisition within Med-Tech, Life Sciences, and Renewables. Our approach combines deep industry knowledge with a personalized touch with the intention to exceed your expectations. At AMG, we're not in it for a placement. Rather, we're here to build strategic partnerships & relationships, providing tailored solutions and fostering success for both organizations and professionals over the long haul. Partner with us for a recruitment experience defined by integrity, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.

2 Qualified Candidates Presented within 10 Days or Less

Experience the efficiency and speed of AMG's talent sourcing. On average, we present two qualified candidates for your needs within just 10 days.

Over 98% of Offers Accepted

With AMG, enjoy a high success rate in recruitment. Our meticulous matching process ensures over 98% of offers extended are accepted by the talent you want to hire.

92% of Niche Market Map Coverage

Leverage our extensive market coverage. AMG's in-depth mapping of the niche RA/QA market gives you access to 92% of the top talent pool.

Veteran, Award-Winning Team of Talent Advisors

Trust our seasoned, award-winning Talent Advisors at AMG. Our team's domain expertise in Med-Tech, LifeSciences & Renewables recruitment provides you with superior talent acquisition and advisory services.

Up to 5-Year Guarantee on Our Work

Commit with confidence. AMG offers up to an unparalleled 5-year guarantee on our recruitment services, ensuring long-term value and satisfaction with your hires.


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