ConMed’s Success with The Anthony Michael Group

By Mitch Robbins on December 29, 2023

Client: Lori Colby, Lead Recruiter at ConMed


ConMed, a prominent medical device manufacturing company, faced significant challenges in filling complex regulatory roles across multiple states. With a background in third-party recruiting, Lori was initially skeptical about the efficacy of external recruitment solutions.


ConMed decided to collaborate with Mitch from The Anthony Michael Group. Despite initial skepticism, Lori was intrigued by Mitch’s promise of using unique strategies for sourcing the right candidates for specific roles and companies.


The Anthony Michael Group successfully filled numerous challenging regulatory roles within ConMed. Their approach went beyond traditional methods, leveraging digital inbound authority strategies that proved effective. This success led to an ongoing partnership with ConMed, extending to quality roles as well.

Client's Experience:

Lori, with her expertise in recruiting, acknowledges the distinct and effective strategies employed by The Anthony Michael Group. She highlights their departure from typical recruitment methods and notes the successful outcomes they achieved for ConMed. Their selectiveness and effectiveness in third-party recruitment have been particularly impressive.


The Anthony Michael Group’s collaboration with ConMed demonstrates their ability to understand and meet the unique needs of their clients, even in challenging recruitment scenarios. Their innovative approaches and targeted strategies have proven successful in filling vital roles within the medical device manufacturing sector.


“If you have the opportunity to partner with The Anthony Michael Group, I highly recommend giving them a shot. Their unique approach and successful outcomes have been invaluable to us at ConMed.” - Lori Colby, Lead Recruiter at ConMed

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