EP #102: Building a World Class Learning & Development Program w/ Mark Rhein Head of Talent & Learning-Glaukos

By Mitch Robbins on April 16, 2024

In this episode, we talk with Mr. Mark Rhein, the Head of talent & Learning at Glaukos Corporation. Mark shares his experience in building a learning and development program at Glaukos, focusing on middle-level leadership development. He emphasizes the importance of prioritization and designing programs that provide the biggest value to employees. Mark also discusses the company's unique approach to performance management, which involves regular check-ins and feedback conversations. He shares insights on workforce planning and the need for flexibility in a rapidly growing organization. Overall, Mark highlights the importance of continuous learning and adapting to meet the needs of the business.


  • Prioritize learning and development programs that provide the biggest value to employees.
  • Design leadership development programs that focus on middle-level leaders, who have a direct impact on the majority of employees.
  • Implement regular check-ins and feedback conversations as an alternative to traditional performance management.
  • Streamline workforce planning and focus on critical roles and areas of expertise.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:12 Building a Learning and Development Program at Glaukos Corporation

05:01 Focusing on Middle-Level Leadership Development

07:23 Designing and Implementing Leadership Development Programs

09:16 Expanding Learning Activities and Classes

11:15 Balancing Time Constraints with Learning and Development

20:34 Providing Feedback and Recognizing Achievements

22:09 Streamlining Workforce Planning

32:27 Lessons Learned and Advice for Building a Learning and Development Program

35:27 Exciting Innovations at Glaukos Corporation

About Mark Rhein:


Mark has built a storied career over the last 25+ years building Learning & Development programs across industries. Deloitte, Sprint, Abbott, & now Glaukos are just some of the fine organizations Mark has contributed to. Mark’s expertise, which I know we are going to dig into today, lies in the areas of Organizational Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development across all levels & project Management.

Mark Holds his Bachelors degree in Enviornmental Design from the University of Missouri-Columbia & his Masters Degree in Executive Leadership & Organizational Change from Northwestern University.

About Glaukos:


Glaukos Corporation is a ophthalmic medical technology & pharmaceutical company based out of Southern California that is focused on novel therapies for the treatment of glaucoma, corneal disorders & retinal disease.

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