EP #103: Building an Executive Career in Med-Tech Quality w/ Garth Conrad VP Quality-Flex Health Solutions

By Mitch Robbins on April 30, 2024

Mitch Robbins had the opportunity to host Mr. Garth Conrad, the VP of Quality for Flex Health Solutions. Garth shares his career journey and insights on leadership and building a strong company culture. He emphasizes the importance of relationships, curiosity, and drive in achieving success. Conrad also highlights the role of mentors and coaches in career development. He discusses the differences between individual contributor and managerial roles, as well as the qualities that separate top performers from the average. Conrad stresses the significance of aligning values, beliefs, and behaviors to create a positive company culture. He encourages professionals to gain experience in different functional areas and to actively solve problems. Near the end of the show Garth humanly shares the vision for the legacy he hopes to leave behind.


  • Build strong relationships and value the people you work with
  • Cultivate curiosity and a drive to understand the 'why' behind things
  • Develop leadership skills by managing yourself, then a small team
  • Establish a network of mentors and coaches for guidance and support
  • Focus on making your people successful as a leader
  • Create a positive company culture by aligning values, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Gain experience in different functional areas to broaden your skills
  • Be proactive in solving problems and taking initiative
  • Build leaders within the organization and help others succeed in their careers

About Garth Conrad:

Mr. Garth Conrad comes to The Med-Tech Talent Lab with almost 25 years of industry experience across Med-Tech. He's worked for a variety of the large strategics like Medtronic, J&J, BD, etc. Garth holds a bachelors of science degree in materials engineering, an MBA, and he is also a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Garth on LinkedIn:


About Flex & Flex Health Solutions:

Flex Health Solutions is a division of Flex which is a $30 billion dollar organization with about 170,000 employees worldwide. The company is a global supply chain and manufacturing solutions provider.


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