EP #104: From Full-Time Exec to RA/QA Consulting Firm Owner w/ Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

By Mitch Robbins on June 3, 2024

For this episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor, Founder & Principal of JMT Compliance Consulting.

In this episode, we discussed:

-Jennifer's transition from corporate to consulting

-The challenges and rewards of consulting

-The importance of community, and the need for vulnerability and connection in the industry

....and so much more!


  • Transitioning from corporate to consulting requires a willingness to embrace uncertainty and risk.
  • Building a community and fostering connections is essential for success in consulting.
  • Being vulnerable and taking risks in reaching out to others can lead to valuable connections and opportunities in the industry.

About Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor:

Jennifer comes to the show today with over 23 years experience in Med-Tech Regulatory & Quality. Having worked in a variety of different capacities for many organizations…. Companies like J&J, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Outset Medical & GE Healthcare have all been graced by her talents.

She’s currently an instructor at UC San Diego & simultaneously runs her consulting practice. Jennifer holds her bachelors of science degree in Physiology/Chemistry & French from Eastern Michigan University & her MBA from the University of Phoenix


About JMT Compliance Consulting:

JMT Compliance Consulting helps organizations navigate the quality and regulatory landscape providing coaching, mentoring & foundational business support. Where appropriate the team also provides COO & CQRO leadership to support growing businesses.


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