EP #87: Ninja Steps for Post Interview Follow-Up

By Mitch Robbins on August 31, 2023

Let's be real....When it comes to following-up after an interview, most simply just don't know what to do. It usually goes something like this:

-Send thank you notes to the interviewers (and most don't even do this).

-The thank you notes are usually very generic and light on any substance

-If no response after that, usually another "any news" or "hoping to hear" from you type of communication goes out.

During this live episode of The Med-Tech Talent Lab, we dig deep into tips and tricks you, as the candidate, can leverage to garner a response from your interview in order to either move the offer process forward or cut ties and professionally move on with some closure.

Tune in to learn:

-The how and what for post-interview follow-up like a pro

-Why it's so important and how you can help yourself quickly stand out from the rest of your candidate competition by leveraging these straight-forward strategies

Posted by Mitch Robbins

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