EP #90: Recruiting & Job Searching During the Holidays

By Mitch Robbins on December 16, 2023

In this episode of "The MedTech Talent Lab" podcast, host Mitch Robbins is joined by Talent Acquisition veteran Nick Zweig. They discuss the benefits of recruiting and job searching during the holiday season. Despite the common preference for a fresh start in January, the hosts argue that starting the recruiting process during the holiday season can actually be more advantageous.

They point out that new budgets are approved in January, making it a busy time for recruiters. They encourage companies and candidates to take advantage of the holiday season to begin their job search or open up new searches.

An "against the grain" approach to why it's actually advantageous to recruit and job search going right up into the holidays vs waiting until all industry competition gets after it in the New Year.

Posted by Mitch Robbins

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