EP #93: Med-Tech Startups-When to hire your first Reg Affairs & Quality FTE

By Mitch Robbins on January 19, 2024

The Med-Tech Talent Lab kicks off its 3rd season with a guest who is no stranger to the show! Mitch Robbins sat down with Michelle Lott, Founder of Lean RA/QA, a consulting firm helping Med-Tech startups across the US with all things Regulatory & Quality to discuss when exactly is the right time to hire your first full-time RA/QA employee.

During the episode Mitch & Michelle discussed:

-Indicators for when it's time to hire a full time RA/QA professional

-How fractional help makes the most sense early

-The scope of responsiblity this RA/QA 1st FTE usually takes on

-Where Med-Tech start-ups get it wrong in the beginning with their Regulatory strategy

...and so much more!

Check out Michelle Lott & Lean RA/QA here:


and Lean RA/QA here:


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