EP #94: Being a Med-Tech VP of Reg Affairs/Quality w/ Kevin Bentley-Zoll Respircardia

By Mitch Robbins on January 31, 2024

Joining us for this episode of The Med-Tech Talent Lab was Mr. Kevin Bentley, the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Quality at Zoll Respircardia.

Kevin is a 30 year veteran in the fields of medical device quality and regulatory. Since 2017, Kevin has served as the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality for a company called Zoll Respircardia, which is a leader in innovative technologies that address the unmet needs of people with central fleet apnea.

Kevin and his team are responsible for driving regulatory strategy. For successful commercialization and maintaining commercialized status across a portfolio of novel class two and class three products. Prior to this, Kevin served in a variety of RAQA leadership roles for companies like Angiotech, Angel medical systems, LSI solutions, and others.

Simultaneously over the years, Kevin has maintained a vibrant consulting practice called Acumen regulatory and quality consultants. Where he and his team assist MedTech startups with creating and executing regulatory strategies for novel devices, which includes meeting with the FDA, Health Canada, and notified bodies to determine the least burdensome path to device approval.

Some of the highlights we discussed:

-His formative years and how they helped shape his interests

-Pivotal career moments that helped him get to his VP spot today

-Tips of what to look for when interviewing candidates

-How does he spot top performance compared to 'average'?

...and so much more!

Posted by Mitch Robbins

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