EP #91: Requirements on a Job Description-Ignore or Adhere?

By Mitch Robbins on December 22, 2023

While job descriptions can certainly be helpful they can also backfire and deter would-be qualified candidates from moving forward and applying.

During this episode of The Med-Tech Talent Lab podcast we discuss how to leverage (or disregard) the contents of a job description in an effort to best position yourself for response to your inquiry.

The advice as to what to do regarding your experience vs what the job description says varies depending on a variety of circumstances which we dive into during this discussion.

Some highlights:

  1. Job Requirements Dilemma: The episode opens with a debate on the necessity for candidates to meet every criterion listed in job descriptions, considering the varied perspectives of different organizations, especially those with strict compliance requirements.
  2. Balancing Requirements with Candidate Potential: The experts share anecdotes and experiences where job descriptions were modified to accommodate outstanding candidates lacking specific formal qualifications. This highlights the dynamic nature of job requirements and the flexibility that some organizations may exercise.
  3. Strategy for Applicants: There's a consensus on the frustration candidates face when their applications go unanswered. The advice leans towards applying to roles closely aligned with one’s qualifications and using professional networks for support and advocacy.
  4. Insights on Hiring Manager’s Perspective: The discussion sheds light on the responsibilities of internal HR and the need for setting realistic job expectations, emphasizing the crucial role of clarity in job descriptions.
  5. Emphasis on Networking: The significance of networking is underscored, advocating for its use as a tool for candidates, especially when their qualifications don’t exactly match job requirements.
  6. Final Takeaways: The podcast wraps up with a general agreement that while job requirements are essential, there’s room for maneuver, suggesting a balanced approach for candidates. It encourages understanding the hiring environment's nuances and leveraging personal and professional networks.

...tune in for so much more!

Posted by Mitch Robbins

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