Tidepool's Success with The Anthony Michael Group

By Mitch Robbins on December 29, 2023

Client: Howard Look, Founder and CEO of Tidepool


Tidepool, an innovative software company focused on diabetes data solutions and automated insulin delivery systems, faced challenges in recruiting top talent for their rapidly growing team. Specifically, they needed a VP of Customer Support who aligned with their high standards and unique company culture.


The company engaged with Mitch Robbins from The Anthony Michael Group to address this critical hiring need. Mitch’s approach involved a deep dive into Tidepool's specific requirements, culture, and position in the medical device market.


Mitch introduced multiple exceptional candidates to Tidepool, significantly exceeding their expectations. AMG's understanding of modern recruitment strategies, coupled with their deep knowledge of the Med-Tech industry, enabled them to present the opportunity in a compelling way that resonated with candidates. This approach not only attracted top talent but also aligned with Tidepool's values and culture.

Client's Experience:

Howard Look commends The Anthony Michael Group for their effectiveness, responsiveness, and understanding of the digital health landscape. He notes their ability to represent Tidepool authentically and positively, even to candidates who weren't ultimately chosen. Howard appreciates their modern methods in sourcing candidates, moving away from traditional, less effective recruitment techniques.


Tidepool's successful experience with The Anthony Michael Group underscores their expertise in the Med-Tech space. Their tailored approach and modern recruitment strategies made a significant difference for Tidepool, leading to the successful placement of a vital role within the company.


"I highly encourage anyone looking to fill critical positions in the Medical Device or broader Med-Tech space to speak with Mitch and his team at the Anthony Michael Group. It made a huge difference for us at Tidepool." - Howard Look, CEO of Tidepool

Posted by Mitch Robbins

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