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Onboarding Made Simple: A Digital Health Must-Have

Imagine being the head coach of a digital health team, welcoming a new player onto the field. As they take a breather after their first match, a surge of questions might rush through your mind: "Are they finding their footing?" "Are they second-guessing their decision to join the team?" The onboarding process can be riddled […]
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The Lure of Biotech: 9 Strategies to Attract High-Caliber Engineering Talent

Every biotech leader like you aspires to establish an innovative company, where brilliant minds collaborate to transform groundbreaking ideas into practical healthcare solutions, driving progress in the field. But just like an artist aiming to create a masterpiece, your palette needs more than one color to attract top-tier technical engineering talent. Relying solely on traditional […]
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Are You Screening Social Media Wrong? 8 Warning Signs MedDev Employers Must Avoid

In the quest to recruit top-quality QA talents in the medical devices industry, companies often find themselves in a sea of resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. Each potential candidate presents a polished view of their skills, abilities, and past roles. But is this polished image a true reflection of the professional at heart, or is […]
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Surviving the Drought: 10 Approaches for Talent Scarcity in Pharmaceuticals

Imagine a faucet that's slowly running dry. The life-saving pharmaceutical industry is now facing a surprise twist in its plot. It's not a sudden shortage but rather a drip-by-drip decline that's gradually turning into a full-blown drought. But what if this shortage wasn't just about numbers? A report by Korn Ferry predicts a gap of […]
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Breakthroughs and Burnouts: Managing Work-Life Balance in Med-Device R&D

The Med-Device industry is a powerhouse of innovation, introducing more than 10,000 new products every year. Each of these products is the result of countless hours of work, deep expertise, and dedication by R&D professionals. But there's more to these achievements than just impressive statistics; behind each innovation is a story of human effort and […]
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Balancing Tech Innovation and Patient Care: Building an Effective R&D Team in Digital Health

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the world saw an unprecedented acceleration of digital health technologies. Telehealth visits surged, wearable health tech use skyrocketed, and the demand for online health information rose dramatically. Behind all these advancements, the unsung heroes were the research and development (R&D) teams – the brilliant minds grappling with challenges, innovating, and […]
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QA in Medical Devices: A Day in the Life of a Quality Assurance

When you hold a high-quality medical device in your hand, what comes to mind? Is it the intricate design, the sophisticated technology, or perhaps the safety it promises? Yet, behind each device, there's a team of dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) professionals who work tirelessly to make sure it's up to standard.  Curious about what goes […]
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Casting Call: 10 Video Interview Tips for QA Candidates in MedDev

A picture paints a thousand words, and in the case of video interviews, it could dictate the course of your quality assurance (QA) career. If we were to frame this as a movie plot, here's the plot twist: most candidates, your potential co-stars, flunk their video interviews. You might be among them, but don't get […]
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MedTech Leaders: Guide to Regulatory Affairs Recruitment

Think of perfecting a challenging piece of music on a grand piano, where each note strikes a different rule or regulation. The harmony of the entire composition heavily relies on your skills. Sounds challenging? That's pretty much a day in the life of those who hold senior leadership roles in Regulatory Affairs within the MedTech […]
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Should You Quit Your Regulatory Role? 12 Signs It's Time to Move On

Work. It's where we spend a significant portion of our days, and hopefully, it's a place that inspires, challenges and fulfills us. But what happens when it doesn't? What happens when your regulatory role, once a source of purpose and drive, becomes a source of frustration and exhaustion? There's a point where you might find […]
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How Pharma Leaders Can Recruit Different Generations: Tips, Strategies & More

Diversity is not just about different backgrounds or perspectives, but also about different generations. The mix of Baby Boomers' wisdom, Gen X's leadership, Millennials' collaborative spirit, and Gen Z's tech prowess can create a powerhouse of an R&D team. But achieving this blend in the pharmaceutical industry? Quite a challenge. A homogeneous workforce in a […]
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The Biotech Hiring Checklist: 10 Must-Haves for Your Future Star

Have you ever played a mind-boggling game? The quest for the ideal biotech candidate can feel strikingly similar. Just like in a complex puzzle game, every piece in the recruitment process, from skills to cultural fit, needs to snap into place to create a complete and successful picture. However, figuring out this puzzle and where […]
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