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Our Founder:

In 2015, I embarked on a journey filled with a blend of fear, excitement, and worry. It was a pivotal time; my first-born, Anthony Michael, had just arrived. In his honor, I named my new venture The Anthony Michael Group. My experience in the recruitment industry, having witnessed its highs and lows, fueled my desire to reshape the landscape. I had seen it all - the good, the bad, and the downright disheartening aspects of an industry too often marred by quick-profit tactics and disappointment.
As I spoke with clients and prospects, their feedback echoed similar sentiments. Their experiences with recruitment professionals were riddled with frustrations: no communication, pushiness, sales-driven agendas, and a self-centered approach. This was the catalyst for my resolve.
While I certainly found thrill in creating perfect matches between sought-after talent and flourishing companies, my true passion lay elsewhere. It was in mentoring, training, and coaching others to become exceptional Talent Advisors. This mission became the cornerstone of The Anthony Michael Group.


Over 15 years since I first stepped into the recruitment arena and after hundreds of successful placements. I look back with pride at what we've built at The Anthony Michael Group. We are a team that not only understands but empathizes with the complexities and stress of job transitions. We strive to offer a grounded, human approach to recruitment, free from the industry's long-standing gimmicks.

Our goal is to provide a recruitment experience that genuinely supports and values both our clients and candidates. It would be an honor to serve your organization or to be a part of your personal career journey. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity.

Mitch Robbins


Prior to founding The Anthony Michael Group, Mitch worked for two nationally recognized search firms Spherion and Management Recruiters International (MRI). Mitch achieved a ranking as high as #12 out of over 3,500 recruiters within MRI.

He was the recipient of multiple achievement awards for excellence in recruiting. These included the Southwest Region Rookie of the Year, and MRI’s Pacesetter distinction. Mitch has been the choice of the experts to deliver training to both rookie and seasoned recruiters across multiple disciplines on numerous occasions.